Betting Advice & Tips from Secret Service

We operate a professional betting advice service which involves a team of racing and football professionals, analysts and contacts. Mike Williams leads the racing section of our service. His extensive knowledge of the industry, and his bookmaking experience, gives the service a clear edge. His well researched, diligent and carefully considered recommendations are only given to clients when every last piece of the jigsaw is in place. There are countless services ready to lead you down a path of hazardous gambling. This service is about selective, well thought out bets which will ultimately produce a profitable betting account for our clients.

Our football analysts, who consistently produce advice of the very highest calibre, must remain incognito because of their high profile in the sport. An extremely high strike rate is achieved in the service, and the quality of the information should not be underestimated. We do not bet on the ridiculously short odds that the obvious matches throw up. The service looks for true value and aims to maintain its extremely high strike rate, ensuring losing runs are extremely rare.

If you think betting is about thrills, fun, excitement and simply a leisure activity then we are not for you. For us, betting is about profit. We do not bet for fun and we do not bet every day.

We aim to make things as convenient as possible for our clients. For that reason, clients can access our daily betting information in two ways. Firstly, you can log into the members area of the website. Secondly, for your convenience, we can also email you the daily information directly. If you are busy or have limited time, you may find the betting information landing in your inbox as a particularly convenient method of receiving our advice.

We cannot promise overnight success or that in a matter of weeks you will be rich beyond your dreams. However, we can promise you a highly professional betting advice service, which for those taking a medium term view, can produce real gains and real profits.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us.